DSG box is so scary as the neighbor Ivanovich says?


Any expert will tell you: “Take a large atmospheric and a classic hydrotransformer machine.” Everything would be fine, but few who already offer this bunch, even our autovaz is engaged in a robot. The Japanese hit the variator, and the Germans have long been developing their

In the first part, we’ll talk about the DSG 6 or DQ250, the box that got part of the very bad glory is not deservedly, since people do not see the difference between DSG 6 and DSG 7. The essence of the pre -sectus gearbox is that the next gear is included in advance. This is achieved due to two full -fledged rows of programs, one with even, the other with odd and the rear. Thus, you do not need to waste time when switching to a choice of transmission, you just need to open one clutch disc and close the other.

Clutch in the DSG 6 is, one might say, a friction clutch, if you understand how the clutches work in the automatic transmission, then you understand how it works. There are two pistons, are given in the movements of the mechatronics solenoids, they close and open the desired clutch circuit. Work fluid in DSG — oil, all actions are carried out due to oil pressure.

Clutch discs are in an oil bath, this is an important difference with DSG 7, but we will talk about this in the second part. Since the oil pressure rises smoothly, but smooth, but smooth switching. Mechatronik also is also responsible for the shift, for this there are special solenoids of the quality of switching.

In general, the system is simple, but not without problems. Since all the work is carried out at the expense of oil, the first problem is any production, especially from the work of frictions, enters the oils, and then into the solenoids, eventually disables them. Mechatronika assembly costs about 60, but they have long learned to sort it out, the price of the issue is up to 30 thousand. It is possible to avoid this problem with a more frequent oil change, at least once every 60 thousand. The clutch runs long enough, but the resource greatly depends on the driving style, usually from 150 thousand to 200, the adhesion assembly costs about 20 thousand, but you can save and buy only frictions.

The box feels perfectly on acceleration, overtaking, highway, but in traffic jams it can not behave adequately, since the “brains” cannot correctly predict what will happen now (in many respects concerns older revisions, now everything is much better).

Bottom line: repairs for a long time are not as expensive as it is “drawn”, and the reliability of DQ-250 (wet, raw …) was and remains at a very decent level. At the same time, you get a box that can quickly and economically!

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