Divorces of fraudsters on the road — 5 relevant ways of deception about which you need to know


A motorist is an excellent bait for a fraudster, since people with a car definitely have some money and often big, stains on the road are a constantly relevant topic, you can make good money from this, dirty and not honest, but some for this all exactly , let’s analyze 5 relevant divorces today, which each of you can get to!

Hinged locks on the knit of the disk or door handle,

In this case, fraudsters leave you a note, transfer such and such an amount to the phone in a response SMS will come to find how to find the key, as a rule, he is lying around somewhere nearby, but friends believe it is better to pay for the tow truck than to feed such moral freaks.

A note with the threat of theft

And there are more serious guys who have a code grab and a note will have a note right on the seat or on the steering wheel.

The numbers were stolen:

Knocked down a pedestrian in the parking lot,