Diagnosis for 300 rubles against Check Engine on Toyota.


Diagnosis of a car is a thin process, requires attention, understanding of processes, and so on. But the market does not stand still and today, at least, almost every Vasya from the garage with a scanner from China can read errors for 300 rubles, proudly calling himself a diagnostician.

As the name implies, we will talk about my Toyota Rav4 car, a reliable car, but … last summer, when driving along the highway, the garland of errors jumped out: Check Engine and information messages “Check the ICE”, “Check the AWD”, “TRC system is turned off” .

Of course it’s not pleasant, but the car traveled calmly another 1000 km, and the next day after the launch there was no error, but still then I drove to the official dealer, we have no one else in the city on Toyota, where they told me, but come on, but come on Let’s change the crankshaft position sensor, but not the fact that it is it. Moreover, what kind of mistake was not told to me (specifically her number).

He did not change, traveled another year, it happened to fly away again and then disappeared. I decided to deal with the issue on my own, I ordered a popular ELM 327 device for a frantic 327 rubles with delivery.

As soon as the device came to download a couple of free applications on the phone and went to test, the error was found. Still, I decided to buy the Pro version applications (200 rubles is not so much, I took 1000 for diagnostics).

And now the paid version has already shown me not only the number (P0335) and the decryption of the error, as well as the stop frame, that is, the sensors during the error occurred. I also learned that the error jumped in total 255 times that saying the information is quite exhaustive.

Then he already climbed to the sensor, to study, so to speak. Initially, I was offered to change the sensor for 3000, but honestly, after certain cars I realized one truth — if the master just threw the diagnosis, considered the mistake and said “Change!”, It is better to go to another service.

As a result, he threw off the connector from the sensor, measured the resistance of the sensor, asked to twist the assistant with a starter, measured the voltage, the conclusion — the sensor is normal. Well, then it remains only to look into the block to understand what the trouble is, the contacts are quite strong (hands were dirty and hurried a little, so there was no photo). It was good at home WD-40, flooded the connector, dressed, dressed, and everything became clean.

Previously, the error popped up when I went out or accelerated well in the city, so far everything is quiet in these modes. By the way, the same miracle China Elm erased the mistake from the memory. If you want a more detailed overview of this gadget, then put the thumb up, ordered