Compare prices for parts: Toyota Camry vs Kia Optima


Many probably now have thoughts in their heads “what a strange comparison”, “yes Camry is Toyota — it doesn’t break”, “Japanese do things” and stuff like that. But still, both cars are massive, there are a lot of them on the roads, these cars get into an accident, and two or three years will pass and they will start to have a second or third owner. one way or another, the owner is faced with the acquisition of spare parts.

Let’s agree right away that we are not looking for spare parts at showdowns, flea markets and bulletin boards. We do not use analogues, substitutes, “original in another box” (although I will not deny that such approaches are also correct). All prices break through the original codes, on one popular spare parts website.

Let’s start with body parts, since in the first years of a car’s life, it is these parts that are in special demand. It is also worth noting that Kia is cheaper “at the entrance”, for less money we get more car. But how things will be in the future, now we’ll see.

Of course, we did not go through all the details, we decided to focus on the front. The price of the lower bumper grille of the Camry stands out well, which is not surprising, it occupies almost half of it.

There is some problem with the headlights, they are few in stock. Toyota headlights can be bought without bulbs, then the price drops significantly, to about 40-50 thousand apiece. In general, laying out the front part on these cars can cost a decent penny, and there are a lot of them in taxis.

Separately, we highlight the glass: windshield and front side, by the way, this is in many ways the reason for not the cheapest CASCO for these cars. Of course, no one will give 70 thousand for a windshield, but they will get off with China or BOR, but still.

For spare parts, there is a gap in the direction of KIA, if you take not consumables, but spare parts that do not and often fail. Perhaps this is a tricky move from Toyota “we don’t break spare parts, so we have to sell them more expensively.” We also did not enter this into the table, but ordinary consumables such as oil and air filters are much more expensive on Camry.

Honestly, I thought there would be something interesting in the pricing policy for spare parts for these models, but no, it didn’t work out with state employees, there are really the same cars and almost the same prices for spare parts.

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