“As Nokian is only cheaper”: a list of companies of the second line of famous tire manufacturers


A brand as a definition is a complex of representation consisting of associations, buyer’s emotions, opinions. The brand is expensive, since this is primarily a huge cost of advertising. A simple example, the two most recognizable words in the world are the first English word “ok”, the second is the name of the brand “Coca-Cola”, and now remember how much you saw Coca-Cola advertisements for your life, what do you think what advertising budgets are there? And accordingly, what part of the cost of the drink is an advertising budget? Annual expenses for advertising according to US analysts in Coca-Cola are $ 3.3 billion …

The same story with car tire manufacturers. In order for Continental or Michelin to be heard by ordinary buyers who understand little in tires, but at the same time they were ready to give a lot of money for the company’s products — you need to spend a lot of money on advertising, sponsorship support for various kinds of events and so on.

At the same time, it is no secret that the amount of demand prevails in the budget segment of any product. And what to do, on the one hand, a lot of money has been paid for the brand and the brand should work for itself, reduce the cost of products is stupid, on the other hand, do not lose a large market?

They resort to simple tactics — the purchase or creation of a less well -known brand, the advertising of which is no longer invested in such a lot of money, also, if you take tires, much money is not invested in development and testing, most manufacturers of the second and further trains of automobile tires have no test training grounds, Maximum computer modeling.

Since now is in the midst of the tire season, I decided to make a small list “in the shadow of large manufacturers”, which will consist of the main (famous brand) and its subsidiaries. The bottom line is that there are many tires that are in fact an expensive and high -quality product of the famous brand of past years, they just now produce it under a different name, while the quality is no worse, as an example of Hakkapeliitta 7 and Nordman 7.

As can be seen from the list, the choice is very large, the main thing is to competently approach the search. In most cases, these companies produce last year’s hits of the main brand, which is cheaper, but at the same time not much, or is not at all inferior in quality and properties.