An honest opinion about Skoda Rapid after 2 years and 38 thousand kilometers.


On the pages of the channel, my Skoda Rapid car was often flashed in December 2016. I took in 2017 from unsold remains due to a pleasant discount. At the moment, the odometer is already 38 thousand kilometers, now there really is something to say.

To begin with, I have an atmospheric motor CWVA 1.6 110 forces, from version 90 forces differs only by firmware, but the brakes also differ, the front ones will be larger diameter and the back will be disc. Box of mechanics. Ordinary halogen headlights, climate control, good Blero header, factory casting drives 16 inches and a bunch of other little things.

They say the motor eats oil?

Is there enough 1.6?

Mechanical box,


Management — suspension,

However, when you start twisting the steering wheel and go out onto the track, you understand that the car is not hard, but rather knocked down. Of course, she does not know what it is to go into a turn, but keeps a straight line. The steering wheel power power is adaptive, you stand in place light, you accelerate a pleasant effort. Rio kept the road much worse for me.


Ergonomics at a height, all buttons in the right place are pleasantly illuminated, a dashboard with many functions. Multiper is bold on this

You can briefly describe it as follows: the dashboard in the DRO mode is highlighted in the afternoon, but as soon as it is darker and, if you did not turn on the light, it, on the contrary, makes the backlight minimal, hinting to you: “The buddy is dark there, you turn on the light, once saved on auto mode”. And all the electronics are manifested in this, believe after the 2013 Toyota Rav4 for a lot of money, you rejoice that the sound is stuck when you turn on the back or if you heard the music loudly, drowned out the car, then in the morning it will not stun you. A lot of pleasant little things.

The plastic is tender, it scratches easily, but thick, better than in competitors, the opinion is subjective, but still, I really like the wiring, all the braids are braided with rag island, some of the thicker nylon.

The basic then with the replacement of filters and oil costs about 10, if you buy your consumables and refuse to replace the air filter and salon, then 1800 dealer for the mark in the book and oil replacement + 3000 consumables (original air filter ~ 200 rubles, a salon expensive take Coal Mann 600 rubles, oil original 350 rubles, candles are expensive 2000 set, but if you take them in the Bosch box, then 1100).

And here not everything is so rosy, the first thing I did not notice that water flows into the salon (on 8 thousand mileage) and drains on the driver’s rug, it turned out to be poorly glued to the factory, a new glass was glued under the warranty, cool right? Ay, collectors in Kaluga, how are you there?

Then they changed the clutch cylinder for me, the VAG sore still with the VW Golf 6, begins to creak with squeezing clutch, it works, everything is fine, but it creaks …

And now with 35,000 I replaced the stabilizer under the guarantee, earlier there was a problem of bushings during the passage of bedridden guards, they also replaced the stabilizer racks, they began to knock. And they made a convergence for free, but I had to insist.

I also had to tinker to eliminate the knock of the trunk lid, the rest of the problems there were no more problems. In general, the car is strong, the assembly +-is greatly simplified in comparison with the Czech Rapid, the engine eats oil, but passes with normal maintenance for 300, taxi drivers have already confirmed.

You can take it, but be prepared for the fact that there will be children’s sores and in general the car tender is concerned with the LKP, plastic, “skin”, windshield and other things.

Thank you all for your attention! In fact, I still want to say a lot, but so it turned out a huge footcloth, so everyone who reads the ending of a separate respect! If you have questions, ask in the comments.