5 reliable pontious at the price of the new Solaris


Conditionally, those who want to buy a car can be divided into two groups: better used, but higher by the class or take cheaper, but a new one. Everyone pursues their goals and desires, and you can “get”, both with a new car and from a used, but in this matter it is basically not important.

New Solaris concept is extensible, so we take the range of 750,000 — 1,000,000 rubles. In general, this is a good amount in the used market, access to many models opens, but we have a condition, not just a steep car, but a reliable steep car (after all, those who want to drive steeply in their yard rarely have the amount of repairs, because it often exceeds Car value).

Let’s start with Japan

This is Japanese almost premium, the car is very dense, it applies to sound insulation, behavior on the road, then how doors close. Even the materials of the salon, there is nothing special, but the quality, manufacturers are now refusing.

If you want more reality and a little less possible problems, then it is worth

The next version of Jaguar

If you find a lively option, and in this case it is difficult, especially if you look at restyling, you can go without any problems for several years, not forgetting of course about the tax.

The next option

Luxury taxi drivers are very fond of this car and respond extremely positively. By the way, yes, if everything becomes very bad with money, and you are from the capital, that is, the option of drip people on your S-Klasse, get there for, for example.

But if you need a suite right, so that in any garage they could fix it, that is, an option

Of course, it is worth saying that all these options can be reliable only with competent selection and persistent search. Dear cars are often bought by people who are able to serve them normally, but not everyone is bothering with this. The selection is more humorous, so do not take all this seriously.