5 foreign cars that rust faster than Priora


The most common opinion of our auto experts is that any foreign car is an eternal capsule coated with zinc, nothing will happen to it, corrosion will bypass it and stick better to the Priore parking next to it. The idea is correct, but there will always be a place for exceptions, not every foreign car is well processed, and the very concept of “foreign car” is rather vague.

Let’s start with the favorite of traffic police inspectors, on this car in 8 cases out of 10 you will be stopped —

The car lasted 20 years on the assembly line, the VAZs will certainly grin, but this is decent, but without body holes, these cars could not last even 6 years if the hidden cavities, spillways, and bottom were not properly treated. Many Nexia owners, after owning this car, became masters of “plated affairs”, virtuosos of grinders and welding machines.

Okay, here’s a foreign car for you —

The result is rather sad, meeting a Mazda 6 in the back of a GG (2002-2008) with a colander instead of wings or thresholds with a waffle density is a fairly simple task. Say it is hinged and can be patched, but there are instances where the seams of the spars rust.

Okay, here’s another foreign car for you,

Just like the Japanese, the Germans took the path of cheaper prices, but the technology needed to be perfected, of course, on the consumer. The Germans decided why galvanize the metal, just take good soil and do not regret it? As a result, in places where the seals come into contact with the metal, the paint was rubbed off, and then corrosion, any damage to the paintwork also led to corrosion.

Business class for the poor or

Well, the finale, a real man’s car, frame, with iron all-wheel drive —

Also a common problem is corrosion under the decorative lining of the trunk lid. The air conditioning tubes, the adjusting bolts of the suspension arms are rusting.

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