4 options that are more profitable to install independently than to order from the factory


The world car manufacturer has long turned their cars into “Lego”. It is much more convenient to assemble the “own” car to the buyer, everything you need will have, and not what the managers considered it necessary, who, in my opinion, just put down ticks, especially not delving into the essence. However, if you return from heaven to earth and return to the budget segment of cars, you often have to choose from what is available. These cars, as a rule, have good discounts, and not everyone wants to wait for 3 months.

And here is the main question when you choose a complete set, what to take?

We make a small top on the topic that it is more profitable to install yourself. Let’s start with

A high -quality header on Android will be released up to 20 with a direct order and up to 40 when buying from us, some even know how to read CAN signals and also like an original device to display information and allow control of the climate, to make other settings. At the same time, we get: normal navigation with traffic jams, the Internet, Wi-Fi, and this is a plus, you can display records from the registrar directly to the screen, linear outputs (for further improvement of the audio system), a large screen with a high-quality IPS matrix.




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