3 trucks with manipulators from the USSR


Trucks with KMU (craft-manipulator installations) for the past 20 years have been very popular in the field of commercial freight transportation. Everything logically “loaded — he himself — he himself”, it is not required to attract additional equipment, which will undoubtedly be savings for the customer, and, therefore, finding work for a truck with KMU is much easier and faster.

Modern trucks with KMU based on on -board KAMAZ/GAZ/URAL/MAZ are familiar to many, if you are interested in learning more, you may be discouraged, then go to the page of Tekhmoderm, where everyone can purchase themselves

Who is well acquainted with the history of the development of trucks of the USSR, probably already guessed that one of the first cars on which the hydroacrocrack was putting the GAZ-51, since at that time this car is a lifting capacity of 2.5 toned was one of the most massive and demanded.

To install the hydroacro, the loading platform was shifted a little back, so that it can be placed on the chassis between the cab and the site itself. The preparation of the chassis, as well as the installation and debugging, was carried out by the Masters of the Laz (Lviv factory plants, which was built in 1948, and the main task of the plant is to develop for far -loaders, which will allow the essence to simplify the process of loading and unloading in transport).

The crane was quite heavy and bulky for such a small truck. Later, for the GAZ-51, a lightweight version, a lifting capacity of 250 kg and a lower shooting of an arrow, was made. As far as is known, the first batch of 30 cars was completely sent to the needs of agriculture, namely to the harvesting enterprises.

Very popular at that time were on cars that carry out garbage collection. The basis was taken on the onboard GAZ-53A with a carrying capacity of 3 tons. If we talk about demand in numbers, then these cars were assembled at once at several factories in different socialist countries, and at that time the Lviv factory plant produced about 3 thousand hydracles per year.

Naturally, trucks with KMU found application in the military sector, hydraulics were installed on cars, which in the field acted as a workshop, on board of which there was everything necessary for repair, but one problem — all the units of military equipment are quite heavy. To speed up the process, as well as make it possible in the field to carry out complex repair work on military trucks of technical assistance, hydracles installed hydrauli with a carrying capacity of up to 1 ton. Below in the photo ZIL-131 of 1978, a car from storage.

Lviv hydracles were installed on different trucks from the times of the USSR-Kamaz, ZIS, KrAZ, GAZ-66, but there are very few archival photographs and have to be content with what is. That’s all, thank you all for your attention!