3 procedures that I do not advise doing self -service sinks


Self -service sinks (s/o), judging by the queues, were loved by many car owners. They fell in love not because of the savings of money, but because of the saving and the opportunity to drive a car with 5 meters (in truth, you want to wash the car well, you will give more money than on a regular sink for a good complex).

I often visit such sinks, the goal of washing dirt so that you can use the car normally, as well as wash off the reagents. And almost every time I observe how car owners mock their own (rented for taxi) cars.

Let’s start with the drying of the body after washing

The fact is that the contactless washing is not able to remove all the dirt from the body, there is the so -called static dirt (oily dirt), which is washed off only in a contact method. The contactless sink, which came to us from Europe, involves only the preparatory phase, the task of which is to remove large sand and dirt from the body, so that you can then take a large -pouring sponge, shampoo for manual washing, and wash off the remaining dirt from the body, but no longer scratching it large particles of sand.

The question arises, why intends to kill the varnish in your car? Is there a “osmosis” mode with purified water, which practically leaves no traces of drying drops? They wiped the glass with a rag and forward, and the dust will stick perfectly on a dry body.

The second point is the brush.

The engine washing.

Of course, many may disagree, every time I raise the theme of the sink, there are many commentators who all my life wash the car with a brick and they don’t have a web at all, and the varnish shines even more than that of the cat, but this is all my opinion, so that it is all my opinion, so that it is all my opinion, so that it is all my opinion, so that Do not take to heart. Thank you all for your attention!