3 inexpensive and effective tools that I regularly use to care for the car


Both in the apartment and in the car, I prefer to be clean. However, washing the car regularly quite difficult, especially with our far from California weather. Previously, I always treated all kinds of chemistry for the car, although attempts to try all sorts of polishes and flavors were, but usually ended with the fact that the tubes simply dropped barely begun.

Once a month or two, I prefer to give a car for a good integrated sink, worth 2200 rubles, the car is changing for at least a month after it-shines, pushes water from the body, from plastic dust, in the rain on the highway you can not use wipers at all. In general, 2200 for the number of procedures that perform an acceptable price from the car. But you need to wait for the car for about 3 hours, and it is inconvenient to sign up for a similar procedure, especially in the summer, when all this can be done on your own in the country if you wish.

Thanks to one acquaintance preferring a suburban life, I met a minimum sufficient set of chemistry to care for my car, only 3 tubes of the total cost of about 1200 rubles.

I will place the anti -crew in the first place, the name is visible in the photo (you can treat as advertising, but I have not yet met an offer to receive money for advertising without links).

It is good with simplicity of application, an effect, and most importantly the lack of divorces after the passage of the wipers. It is applied as simple as possible — my glass, dry, we apply the product to dry movements in circular movements, we wait until it dries, repeat the application, and then we just wash off with water and wipe the glass on a dry rag or paper. Simplicity lies in the fact that you do not need to rub the product dried on the glass, like many other manufacturers, perhaps there are no divorces because of this, but there is an effect.

In second place I will place a polish for plastic. It is matte, without a gypsy shine, has no smell (I do not use flavorings in a car, I like the smell natural), and most importantly, you can not wipe dust in the summer for a month, when driving with open windows.

The kit includes a sponge that allows you to decently save the product, my tube is over a year old. Before applying the plastic, I advise you to wipe with a rag moistened in a bucket with shampoo.

In third place, but not in importance, I will place a polish for the body with the most simple application and an excellent effect of pushing water.

Before applying it, it is necessary to wash the body well, it is also advisable to process from bitumen and degrease. After that, the product is applied to the wet body and the body is dried with a rag (the product does not need to be rubbed or rubbed, simply applied to the damp element and wiped it dry). After such processing, you can wash a car on a self -service car wash simply by pouring it with water.