3 hidden ABS-ESP functions, for the activation of which the dealer asked for 75 thousand


Active safety is a necessary thing and in many countries now it is forbidden to sell cars without ESP, and a number of other electronic assistants. There are really a lot of assistants and this is actively used by marketers and compilers of configurations.

For example, the ESP requires a 4-channel ABS channel, an electronic throttle, a steering wheel position sensor and a longitudinal and transverse acceleration sensor, so that the system understands-the steering wheel looks into the right, and the car carries directly, so you need to slow down one rear wheel. On the basis of the ABS-ESP system, you can implement a lot of auxiliary functionality, which requires only an additional algorithm, but does not require additional sensors and control units.

Today I want to tell you what I managed to activate and how much the dealer asked for it. The first system is the so -called “indirect tire pressure control” or ITPMS. This system is able to signal that one of the wheels probably lowered, while it does not need tire pressure sensors, it does it at the expense of data from the speed sensors that are needed for ABS. It is logical that when the wheel lowers, the frequency of its rotation increases.

I activated this functionality on my car Skoda Rapid, using the Vasya Diagnostic diagnostic equipment, the dealer asked for 15 thousand rubles for this, the lace cost me 4,500, the familiar diagnostician offered to activate for 500 rubles.

The next function was activated by a friend on Tiguan, called XDS. This function also works on the ABS-ESP basis and can significantly improve the behavior of the car in sharp turns. Acts on the principle of transverse blocking, slowing down the inner wheel in the bend.

The effect is created, as they often say, screwing the car into a turn. The dealer asked for this “option” 50 thousand rubles, although the entire parametry in the ABS-ESP block of this car already exists and you just need to activate. Not a greedy electrician will also take no more than 500 rubles.

The next function is called “Help at the start on the rise”, is more likely for cars with manual transmission. This function needs a car position sensor in the G-Sensor space, which is already in the ESP system. Understanding that the speed of movement is 0 km/h, and the car is up, the system does not discard the pressure in the brake circuit immediately, but does it after 1-2 seconds, which is just enough to enable the transmission and start movement.

He also activated this functionality on Rapid, several times felt real benefits when, out of habit, he first wanted to move off the handbrake. For this, I was asked for 10,000 from OD.

The prices of OD are more likely to vary from the greed and policies of a particular dealer, but since it is alone in my city, they set prices as they want, moreover, there are not many sensible electricians. Thank you all for your attention! Do not forget to support the article with a thumb up.