3 cars: C-class, at least 2014, but cost like a used Solaris of the same year


The Korean auto industry, for me personally, is a stone in the garden of the domestic auto industry and an excellent example of how to do an automotive business. The thing is that up to a certain point, the history of the development of the Korean automobile industry is as similar as possible to what happened in the USSR, starting from the moment the VAZ-2101 appeared.

It’s just that the outcome is very different. 95% of the sale of Hyundai / Kia go to the treasury of South Korea, and the remaining 5% to the pension fund, yes, yes, of the same country, right? And we have offshore profits and a controlling stake in Reno. But okay, let’s get down to business.

Studying the used car market, looking for an inexpensive second car in the family “for the wife”, I immediately didn’t really want to consider Toyota, although I like Avensis, Auris, but because they practically do not lose in price — you see the price for a normal copy and the desire disappears.

But okay Toyota, the Japanese do things, what can I say, but Korean cars … The same 14-year-old Solaris in good condition, not a taxi costs about 500 thousand. Provided that in the same year 14 people took because of 600-650. I don’t want to say that it’s expensive, I just somehow missed the moment when Korean cars began to lose in price no worse than the same Japanese?

Let’s walk through the good old C-class, which, once upon a time, was affordable for many. The first car is

next car


It would seem that Renault (and not even Logan), Ford —

At the same time, only Solaris offers a torque converter in this selection of models. One more thing about the sizes, they are not so different if you remove Fluence from the list. That is, this Korean chaise is also practical, it is not “inflated”, but the usable volume is comparable.

So it turns out — if you want comfort, handling, a good body — Ford, Renault. But if practicality, cheap maintenance, a trunk and a reliable box are important — Solaris. Thank you all for your attention! Support the article with a thumbs up! And also subscribe to the channel