Zippered tires — are you serious?


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The Norwegian company reTyre produces tires with replaceable «skins» that allow you to quickly change the wheels of your bike in just a minute.

More than two years of work for the company has resulted in zippered tires that slip over existing tires. The manufacturer claims that the removable protectors are securely fixed and will not fail at high speeds and tight turns.

The reTyre modular tire system is a combination of a base tire with zippers sewn on both sides and an additional zip protector that attaches when needed.

This is how the manufacturer sees it: you ride basic slicks (or semi-slick) around the city, and suddenly decided to ride through the forest. When the asphalt runs out, you take a spiked protector out of your backpack, fasten it on top of the installed tires and boldly go off-road.

Or you ride on a cleaned dry bike path in winter, and when you need to leave it, you put a winter studded tread on top and go on through snowdrifts and ice!

In fact, I had a couple of questions that cast doubt on the advisability of using this product:

In my opinion, this is more of a fun toy than a really useful thing. However, the company has raised more than

Base tires start at $ 36 and skins start at $ 55, with winter studded skins available for $ 70 green.

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