YX ONE 1.5KW Crazy Electric Skateboard


There is no limit to the imagination of the developers, and this product is another confirmation of this. I’m not sure if the electric skateboard is the name that most accurately indicates the type of product. Rather, it is an all-terrain three-wheeled electric board.

But let’s start in order. Here is what the inventor Eyal Eloni himself says about his novelty:

“Shortly after graduating from my engineering degree, I began to come up with the optimal transport solution. My quest was based on my love of snowboarding and windsurfing, and how to achieve the same experience on land. So I invented what I call ‘sloping board’, safe and unbeatable land surfing! «

Well, about the «safety» of this all-terrain vehicle, I personally have some doubts, but about them later.

For several years, the inventor built these boards at home and sold them there.

Together with entrepreneur Thomas O’Connell, who has extensive experience in the wheel brand and who founded Yvolution, new product prototypes were developed and completed.

In November, the project was presented for fundraising on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, and as of November 30, it has already collected 182% of the required amount.

I propose to take a closer look at this three-wheeled all-terrain vehicle and understand how it works.

The large 13-inch rear wheel is equipped with springs, dampers and is driven by an electric motor that reaches a peak power of 1500 W (nominal 750 W), which allows a top speed of about 40 km / h.

The built-in 48-volt 13 amp-hour battery allows a medium-sized rider to travel up to 60 km when driving slowly on a flat road. But we understand that these are ideal conditions, which in most cases do not reflect the real situation.

If you prefer to go off-road, the charge will last for 32 kilometers, which, by the way, is quite good.

You place one foot between the two front wheels and the other on the back of the engine, which allows you to shift your weight backward and thus lift the 10-inch front wheels to tackle more difficult obstacles.

On the control lever there is a trigger-type throttle and a hydraulic brake lever for the rear wheel with a 160 mm caliper.

The control stick can be pulled to provide a steeper steering angle, or if you are comfortable enough to jump on the ATV.

The YX One weighs 22 kg, which is not too much, but not too little. For example, my e-bike weighs the same. Although, of course, comparing these two types of electric transport is not entirely correct.

The length of the all-terrain vehicle is 980 mm, which allows, with the control lever folded down, to place it in the trunk of a car, albeit not for everyone.

Of course, the main purpose of operating an all-terrain vehicle is to get new bright emotions, especially since the relatively compact size will allow you to take it with you on a trip in the trunk of a car.

Peak 1.5 kW is already the power that brings adrenaline and makes your heart beat faster, especially if you have not rode a mobile electric vehicle before.

At the same time, the probability of flying from it during emergency braking, especially from the maximum 40 km / h, is quite high, and the use of a helmet is the minimum protection that is needed during operation.

In terms of the level of danger among mobile electric vehicles, I would place the YX One between a monowheel and an electric scooter.

I am definitely glad that in our time there are more and more inventors who open up new possibilities for life and entertainment for mankind, as well as entrepreneurs who are able to bring inventions to the wide market. And the YX One all-terrain vehicle is another confirmation of this.

Please share in the comments what you think of the YX One and would you like to get one?

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The article uses materials from the sites indiegogo.com, electrek.co.