World’s smallest foldable electric scooter


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It is not surprising that the more compact manufacturers make an e-bike, the more ridiculous it turns out and the more fun it looks in use.

And one such example is the electric mini-farthing.

The first model of YikeBike’s compact electric scooter was called the Fusion and was developed back in 2009 and has now been discontinued. But its place was taken by more modern and improved «Model C» and «Model V».

Both versions have a power reserve

The difference between the models lies in the body material and, as a result, in weight and price.

The weight of the model with two wheels is

Electric scooter


When folded, the device is quite compact, the dimensions of both versions do not exceed 66 x 21 x 58 cm.

It is difficult to say how easy-to-use and stable an electric scooter is.

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