World’s first electric pedal snowmobile Arosno E-Trace


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Good inventions are often a combination of products from different disciplines, and the Arosno E-Trace pedal snowmobile is no exception.

Showcased at EuroBike 2021, it combines the advantages of an e-bike and a snowmobile, giving the wearer the ability to ride in the snow using both pedal and electric drive.

While riding in the snow on an e-bike requires some preparation (at least being able to ride a bike), using the E-Trace does not require this — anyone can handle it.

The snowmobile is quite stable, as it has three points of support — a caterpillar in the back and two plastic skis in the front. The latter provide the product with good controllability and maneuverability.

According to the manufacturer, on a snow bike you can climb the slopes up to 60%, but it all depends on your physical condition and the state of the terrain.

The driver takes the snowmobile in a comfortable reclining position in the ergonomic seat and controls it with two levers that change the direction of the skis.

Pedaling is powered by a 250 W Sachs RS electric motor, producing 110 Nm of torque and accelerating to 25 km / h. The same as in the assistant mode on an e-bike.

Power is supplied from a 40 V Li-Ion battery, which provides a range of up to 45 km, plus there is the possibility of attaching a rack for a second battery.

The E-Trace is equipped with Magura MT5 eSTOP hydraulic disc brakes, Supernova headlights and an Enviolo continuously variable transmission. Weighing 45 kg, the snowbike is designed for a total load of 120 kg, but the maximum allowable driver’s height is 170 cm, which limits the number of future buyers.

But those interested may be frightened off not only by the restriction on growth, but also by the price, which can hardly be called affordable — 6 690 euros for pre-order. The first deliveries are scheduled only for November 2022, so everyone will be able to receive the E-Trace only by next winter.

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