Women’s electric bicycle assembled in Russia with a power reserve of up to 80 km


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Today there will be a review of an electric bike based on

In addition to the electric drive, the bike has an Italian saddle, a reliable trunk and a lamp powered by the main battery, but first things first.

The bike is built on an aluminum frame and has an entry-level 8-speed drivetrain

Engine power

To prevent the engine axis from cranking at the attachment point at such power, steel dropout amplifiers are additionally installed.

The battery with a capacity of 696 Wh (14.5 Ah @ 48 V) is assembled from high-current lithium-ion 18650 cells and has an impact-resistant housing made of monolithic polycarbonate and composite materials.

On the left side of the battery there is a charging connector with a hinged cover, and on the front there is a convenient carrying handle.

On the right side there is a lock for fixing the battery on the platform, it also performs the function of turning on the power.

The battery is quick-detachable, and removing it, we see an anodized aluminum platform with a voltage converter with a USB output attached to it.

The platform is securely attached to the frame not only due to the bottle mounting holes, but also thanks to polycarbonate clamps, made in the shape of the pipe profile.

The USB connector is located in the steering wheel area and is designed to connect consumers with a power of up to 15 W (current up to 3 A), for example, a bicycle headlight, or a mobile device for recharging.

The steering wheel is equipped with a Gaciron headlight, providing quality lighting and powered by USB.

Compact motor controller

The controller supports both PAS and Torque-sensor (torque sensor), and it can be connected to a computer and programmed a number of basic parameters.

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The pedal rotation sensor of the PAS (Pedal Assist System) system is installed in the carriage assembly and is used in the assistant mode (pedaling assist).

The control panel is located on the left side of the steering wheel and is intended not only to display all the necessary ride parameters, but also to select the degree of pedaling assistance (on a scale from 1 to 5).

The display has a built-in backlight for use in the dark.

For those who do not like, or are tired of pedaling, a trigger-type throttle handle is installed on the right side of the steering wheel.

For safety reasons, so that the bike does not move if the throttle grip is accidentally pressed, the brake levers are equipped with appropriate hydraulic brake sensors.

Replaced standard saddle with Italian brand comfort saddle

For transportation of small loads, so as not to burden the female back with a backpack, a trunk is installed

A secure footrest allows you to place your bike wherever you like.

The power reserve on one battery charge is

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