Women’s e-bike, or how to turn an old bike into a source of pleasure


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A rare girl will be able to pedal as actively as her man. Therefore, guys prefer to carry out dynamic skating either with other guys or alone, so as not to depend on anyone at all.

With girls, as a rule, they ride at a leisurely pace, along bike paths or parks, and outside the city — along routes with a slight elevation difference.

But there is a way to make the girl keep up with you (if, of course, it is in your interests) — to equip her bike with electric filling. This is exactly what was done with the women’s Cronus EOS 0.5 bike, released in 2014.

The bike is assembled on an aluminum frame, equipped with a mid-level Shinamo transmission and mechanical disc brakes. Its weight before electrification was

The rear wheel contains a lightweight compact motor with 2-stage gearbox, designed for long-term power

Li-ion battery with energy capacity

The battery is quick-detachable, and the key simultaneously performs the function of fixing the battery on the platform and turning on the electrics.

The Markus EVO based Electronbikes 5020 controller sits on the bike’s seat tube. It was developed in Nizhny Novgorod, has the function of configuring and updating the firmware via the USB port of the computer.

To implement the assistant mode (pedaling assistance), a PAS sensor and a ring with magnets are installed in the carriage assembly. According to the information from the sensor, the controller determines the fact of pedaling and turns on the engine.

On the right side of the steering wheel there is a throttle (accelerator) knob — it works regardless of the selected degree of assistance, and at full power (although it can be adjusted differently). It is convenient to use it to accelerate before lifting or when starting from a standstill.

The choice of the degree of assistance is carried out by buttons on the display, which also allows you to see the battery voltage, all the necessary trip parameters (speed, time, distance) and has a built-in backlight.

To improve the safety of e-bike operation, brake sensors are installed on the brake levers — even if you press the lever slightly, the engine will not start.

On such a bike, a girl will definitely not lag behind her boyfriend. Unless, of course, he has an e-bike.

The weight of the bike after electrification was

Main characteristics:

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