Wireless charging for electric bike — acting prototype


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It is difficult to say than the engineers of the Technical University in Delft (Netherlands, South Holland) were indiscriminately, but something very correct was defined — they developed the tiler induction charger capable of charging the electric bike battery without any wires.

Among such devices, the Wireless Charging Station is remembered from the Canadian company DayMak, made in the form of a frame that you need to roll the front wheel of the bike as well

In addition, the article about the Channel was published last winter.

But let’s return to Tiler. It was founded in 2019 by Christian Van Nisusement and Olivier Komsom, and originally received the name Fesla Charge. Both entrepreneurs seek to create a healthier environment, and Tiler is their first joint creation.

The wireless charger smits something like floor scales, but in fact it is only the top panel, which is installed by the footboard of the electric bike. The panel is made of lexane (high-strength polycarbonate resin), and is able to withstand serious loads.

The charger itself is located under the panel. When the bike turns on top and the footboard is placed on two round labels, the charging process is started, what the LED strip flashes, which changes the color from the green to blue.

The double footboard closes the magnetic field created by the winding, and the energy is transmitted to the receiver installed on the bike. At the current stage, the charger is enough oven, and the developer plans to make it more compact.

The head of the bike itself turned out to be quite large, and it is unlikely to turn out to be on the top electric bikes like Haibike or Specialized Turbo Levo, but for urban models can be a fairly convenient solution.

In the case of cycling, the wheel lock function can be used, which is activated as soon as the bike loses a Bluetooth connection with the platform, so it will not work out on it. Although, of course, it does not exclude the possibility of it just to carry.

Charger is designed to work with batteries on

The fact that the device is hidden under the road surface, provides its fire safety for the surrounding items, and in terms of the security of the charger itself, it has a degree of protection

To date, the set from the charger and the double footboard installed on the bike is offered by price.

We offer to see a small video. If you look at the PC, do not forget to turn on the translation of subtitles into Russian. About how this can be done is described in

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