Wireless charger for e-bike and e-bike!


Wireless technologies are increasingly being introduced into our lives, both in terms of data transmission and in terms of energy transfer — you will not surprise anyone with wireless charging for your phone.

BMW launched a wireless charging system for cars in 2018 that is compatible with some of its hybrid and electric models. The technology was supposed to eliminate the need for bulky cables. Unfortunately, despite the company’s good intentions, the system was not efficient enough to charge cars.

However, a recently published patent shows that BMW has not completely abandoned wireless charging technology, and this time it plans to implement it for charging electric motorcycles, for example, the BMW C Evolution. And in the future, accordingly, it can be applied to wireless charging of electric bicycles.

But back to the issue of wireless charging. From the image from the patent documentation, it becomes clear exactly how the charging system will be implemented.

BMW engineers suggest integrating a wireless charging receiver into the base of the footrest. When the rider parks their electric motorcycle, the kickstand is placed on the wireless charger platform, which houses the AC coil.

As you know, the transmitted power of wireless charging depends on the distance between the charger and the receiver and, therefore, charging is most effective when they are in direct contact. This is exactly what happens when the footrest is installed on the charging platform.

It is difficult to say how quickly an electric motorcycle or electric bike will charge in this way, especially compared to wired charging, but you can definitely consider using one or another charging method depending on the situation.

For example, if you are tired from a bike ride, you rather want to put your bike down and take a shower — just place it on the platform! If you need a bike the next morning, it will have time to recharge during the night, albeit not to 100%.

If you need a quick recharge to continue driving in the near future, you can use the classic wired charger.

Would you use such a wireless charger, or do you think that it will not justify itself?

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