Wind sail or rain protection?


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I think many will agree that cycling in the rain is not a very pleasant event — clothes get wet, get dirty, and get colder. Although in the heat it can even be a plus.

The German company RainRider claims to have found a solution to the problem: their product, called Softtop, is designed to protect the cyclist from rain.

In fact, it is just a large umbrella, or mini-tent, which attaches to the handlebars and bike fork. It is made of polyester and transparent UV resistant polyurethane. And the rods, which form a bow-like frame, are made of carbon fiber and aluminum.

To be honest, it reminds me more of a 215×40 cm sail, which will allow you to significantly accelerate in windy weather, and not necessarily in the direction in which you need.

However, the manufacturer claims that its 1.5kg Softtop is aerodynamic and also safe thanks to B-Safe technology, which includes reflective stripes to improve visibility at night.

Unfortunately, B-Safe does not in any way affect the ability to be swept to the side of the road or roadway in a side wind gust.


The video shows how to handle this thing worth 130 euros, or about 11 thousand rubles at the exchange rate at the time of publication of the article.

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