Why mount 64 phones on a bicycle


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Surely many of you have heard about the augmented reality game Pokemon Go, which became widespread in 2016, and someone may even have downloaded it to their mobile phone.

Let me remind you that in it, players use mobile devices with GPS to find the so-called Pokemon — virtual creatures that are superimposed on the camera image, as if they are in front of you.

Taiwanese retiree Chen Sanyuan, nicknamed Pokemon Grandpa, whom his grandson introduced to the game, installed 15 phones on his bike in 2018, spending $ 4,800 on equipment. Agree, not a bad amount for a pensioner.

Playing on multiple devices allows you to progress to higher levels faster, and cycling can help tackle Alzheimer’s, he said. By the way, it’s funny that the name of the disease contains the word «gamer».

But this was only the beginning — in March last year the number of phones increased to 21, and today 64 phones are already fixed on the bicycle, and the whole structure resembles a peacock’s tail.

Some Taiwanese media reported that the pensioner succeeded thanks to the sponsorship of ASUS.

The total weight of the bike with phones is now 22.5 kg, of which the bike itself weighs only 10 kg. The main mystery is the question of how a pensioner over 70 years old manages to drive around the city with such a 7-level peacock’s tail in front of his eyes and manage not to get into an accident.

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