Why is it dangerous to buy Chinese e-bikes


It would seem that the plant is a serious enterprise for the production of vehicles, and not some kind of sharaga. But in fact, it often turns out that the quality of the Chinese assembly, and of the components themselves, leaves much to be desired.

And this is what I discovered today when I opened the motor, which stopped working after only a year after the sale.

At first



My guess is the following. When assembling, a young Chinese worker tightened a nylon clamp and wanted to turn it so as to hide the protruding connection of the clamp inside the structure, and for this he pressed something on it, maybe even just a finger. A finger slipped off and broke the board.

Seeing this, the young employee got scared, and while no one was looking, he bent the board back. The torn copper tracks connected, and upon further inspection, the motor appeared to be working.

During operation, vibrations and oxidative processes did their job and the contact was broken, because of which the engine stopped working.

But these are just my assumptions. And how it really happened — only the one who collected it could tell us.

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