Which electric scooter is suitable for Russian conditions?


Firstly, I would like to immediately note that by a scooter I mean a product on which you can roll quite easily even without electric traction, that’s why it is a scooter.

Secondly, I propose to define — what exactly we mean by the concept «

Personally, living in a «provincial town», I understand by this concept the following:

  • puddles and mud after rain;
  • pits on the asphalt;
  • curbs without arrival;
  • the absence or very small number of cycle paths;
  • negative temperatures in winter.

It is also worth mentioning that within the framework of this article, I am not considering the operation of an electric scooter in winter — in terms of deep snow. But I do not exclude the very possibility of driving on cleaned sidewalks.

Based on the criteria, we formulate

Speaking of large wheels, many will remember CityCoco, but we will not consider it — since it is more of an electric scooter, and it weighs about 40 kg, or even more. We will limit ourselves to a weight of 20 kg.

After going through a huge number of electric scooters, and leaving those that meet the criteria we set (wheels from 12 inches and weight up to 20 kg), I have only a few options left:


Let’s take a quick look at each of these options.

This foldable electric scooter is manufactured at the Chinese Jilong plant and entered the Russian market in 2019. The model is quite light — only 16 kg.

The scooter folds not only in the front of the platform, but also in two places on the handlebars, which makes it as compact and convenient as possible for transportation when folded. The main thing is that the folding units are made of high-quality metal and do not start to play with time.


The disadvantage of this arrangement is that

To solve this problem, numerous owners of such electric scooters are discussing on the Internet how to disassemble and high-quality

Engine power

This scooter is unusual — it has a seat. Although, more and more scooters with seats began to appear on the streets. I think I was not the only one who noticed this. Where this trend comes from is not clear, but I have a couple of assumptions.

First, people became too lazy to stand, and when they were full, it was also physically difficult. Second, the scooter is easier to control while sitting, since the center of mass is located lower. If you have your own options — write in the comments after the article.

If you believe the site rc-today.ru, or rather its photos, then the clearance of this scooter is simply stunning! As such, it is not indicated in the characteristics, but if you look at the diameter of the wheel, it turns out about 15 cm!

However, you need to take into account that the scooter has a rear shock absorber, and under load the clearance will decrease slightly.

A 48 V battery with a capacity of 8 Ah is located in the platform, as in the first case. It should be enough for 30 km of run.

A 500 W motor is installed in the rear wheel and accelerates the scooter to 35 km / h.

The electric scooter is equipped with mechanical disc brakes and a head lamp, although judging by the photo, the quality of the light is highly questionable.

The El-sport City Elegance weighs 19 kg, which is more than in the first case, but fits into our range.

This electric scooter was made in a Russian workshop

The first difference that catches your eye is the large front wheel — its diameter is 16 «, which makes it easier to drive bumps on the road.

The shape of the battery is matched to the shape of the frame, the body is made of monolithic polycarbonate and composite material.

The battery is quick-detachable, its platform is fixed in the upper part of the frame with aluminum clamps. Operating voltage 48 V, capacity

Motor with two-stage gearbox output

This electric scooter is lighter than the competition — only


On my Author bike, I changed the front brake from rim to disc, bought on Aliexpress. And honestly, I don’t feel much of a difference when braking with a front disc or rear rim.

The scooter’s clearance loses to competitors — it is only


For clarity, I have collected the characteristics of the considered models in one table. Superior performance is highlighted in green.

Of course, the main disadvantage of the Electronbikes Yedoo City electric scooter is its price. But given the benefits in terms of power, wheel size, battery capacity, range, and donor and electrical reliability, the price can be justified.

Which scooter do you like the most? Write in the comments.

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