Useful homemade craft for a do-it-yourself workshop


No small workshop is complete without such a device. How to turn on the circular saw and the vacuum cleaner at the same time? How convenient is it to turn on a manual circular set on the table?

To solve these and other tasks, a very simple homemade product will help, which everyone can do with their own hands!

To make this useful homemade product, you only need a few things:

  • double socket;
  • switch;
  • wire with a plug at the end;
  • a piece of plywood.

So, we estimate the size of the piece of plywood on which we will place the components, make the markings and cut it off with a circular saw.

We grind a little in order to exclude splinters in the future, and so that the product is pleasant to hold in our hands.

Next, unscrew the 2 screws on the socket housing and disassemble it.


We position our components and make pencil markings in the places for the screws.

Although, what’s the point in marking, if you can immediately use an awl!

Using a screwdriver, we screw the components onto the self-tapping screws and begin to connect the wiring.

This is a wire with a plug at the end. The blue wire is neutral. We connect it directly to the outlet.

The brown wire is the phase. We will lead it through the switch.
That is, we screw the phase to one contact of the switch, and from the second contact we lead the wire to the second contact of the socket.

Well, don’t forget about grounding. This is our yellow-green wire.

Now you need to make grooves in the switch housing for the wires to exit. For this we use a simple stationery knife.

Putting the switch in reverse order.

Then we make a similar groove in the socket housing, and screw it back with 2 screws.


On the circular saw, while it is disconnected from the network, press the start button and drag it with a nylon clamp.

By the way, on the left you can see a small external block with three wires. This is the saw soft-start module, which I simply did not find inside the place. But after installing it, the saw became much more pleasant to work with.

We insert the plug from the circular saw into the outlet, and the wire from the fittings into the network. Now the saw can be conveniently turned on with a key switch, which is located in a convenient place.

In addition, we turn on the vacuum cleaner of the dust removal system into the second outlet — and they will turn on with the saw at the same time.

The main thing is not to forget to de-energize the system after work in order to avoid accidental switching on. Be careful!

With the help of such a simple homemade product, you can turn on not only a circular saw with a vacuum cleaner, but also other power tools installed on the table. For example, a manual router.

You can watch in more detail the process of making homemade products in this video. Happy viewing!

Thank you for your time.