Unusual 1800 W Segway weighing only 6.5 kg


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As you know, a classic segway is a fairly large device, which most often weighs more than 20 kg. However, unlike its younger brother, a more compact and easy-to-transport hoverboard, it has rather large wheels and a steering column.

The UrmO electric vehicle combines, perhaps, all the advantages of a segway and a gyro scooter: it has large wheels, but at the same time it is compact when folded and lightweight — only 6.5 kg. This is achieved through the use of carbon fiber and aluminum in the construction.

There is no separate button for turning on — the device turns on automatically as soon as you unfold it, and turns off when folded — to do this, just pull the handle located in the center of the platform.

When folded, the UrmO device is quite compact, with dimensions of 180 x 335 x 340 mm. In this state, it is quite convenient to carry, store, or transport in the trunk of a car.

Thanks to its 14 «wheels, the UrmO is less sensitive to minor surface irregularities such as tile joints or cobblestones, compared to most hoverboards, which are typically less than 10» in size.

The device is equipped with two electric motors, 900 W per wheel (total 1800 W). It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the built-in 280 Wh battery. The power reserve on a single charge is 20 km, with a maximum speed of 15 km / h. Regenerative braking allows you to partially recharge the battery while driving.

The device is available with or without a steering column. The latter is a telescopic structure.

In front of the UrmO there is an LED backlight that allows you to operate the device in the dark, or just make it more visible in cloudy weather.

The maximum rider weight for which the UrmO is designed is 100 kg, the minimum is 40 kg. The device connects to the smartphone via a special application that displays the main characteristics, including the remaining power reserve.

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