Ultra-light e-bike with belt weighing 11.8 kg, with battery inside the wheel and a power reserve of 88 km


Taiwanese company

The e-bike comes in two versions — model


This low weight is ensured not only through the use of carbon components, but also through the use of a belt drive.

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But an even more unique feature of Eeyo e-bikes is the wheel motor.

Of course, the first question that arises is — what capacity is this battery, if it is so light and fits inside the motor-wheel? And more importantly, how much can you travel on a single charge?

Battery capacity is quite low compared to other e-bikes — only

This large power reserve is largely due to the use of

In addition to this, there is no throttle grip on the electric bike, so it will not work «for free», that is, without applying any effort.

Charging can be done in two ways. The first is with an innovative contactless charger that mounts next to the engine and has no hidden charging ports.

The second method is to use a charging cradle — you simply lower your bike onto it and it starts charging. It takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

With a smartphone mount, users can use the Eeyo app to monitor the power and battery level while on the move using a Bluetooth connection.


The cost of both models is quite high — 3899 dollars for the Eeyo 1 and 4599 for the Eeyo 1s, which at the exchange rate at the time of this writing is about

Someone will say that for this money you can buy a good motorcycle, or even a used foreign car. But in the world of motorcycles there are people who buy them for several million, although they could buy a good car. It’s just that these vehicles have different purposes.


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