Two-wheeled all-terrain vehicle of 2.2 kW with a torque sensor and a Russian-made controller


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Today we will review an electric bike based on the Silverback Scoop, which, due to its incredibly wide 26 x 4.0 tires, is able to overcome snow, sand, soft ground, and is actually an all-terrain vehicle among electric bicycles.

The heart of an electric bike, of course, is its engine — here it is well-proven.

Powered by a quick-detachable lithium-ion battery

But if it’s boring to ride in this mode, you can use a torque sensor (torque sensor), which allows you to supply the engine with power proportional to the effort on the pedals. In this mode, the power reserve more than doubles and can reach

A controller is used to control the motor and the interaction of the e-bike components

It is a compact but high-tech product measuring only 86x40x20 mm, capable of passing 50 A of battery current through itself for a long time and is waterproof.

The bike has a color display for fixing and displaying all the necessary ride parameters, and its control panel allows you to switch modes and change the degree of motor assistance.

For protection from dirt, the electric bike is equipped with full-size fenders, high-quality headlights provide lighting

Comfort of operation is provided by a shock-absorbing fork

The bike confidently accelerates to 50 km / h and is great for both snow riding and hunting / fishing trips in summer.

Main characteristics:

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