Two of the lightest e-mountain bikes


In pursuit of primacy, competing manufacturing companies strive to release products that best meet the needs of the future owner. If the car, then the fastest and most comfortable, and if the bike, then the most lightweight and manageable, and at the same time, of course, reliable.

So, this fall, the Lapierre company


In the course of its existence and development, the company has sponsored many cycling clubs, among which there are many winners of both the French national championship and the World Cups.

The company’s engineers have developed and patented, among others, a rear suspension system

Since 2013, the company has launched the concept

The Lapierre eZesty range consists of two models: eZesty AM LTD Ultimate 2020 and eZesty AM 9.0 Ultimate 2020. We will consider the first option, which is the top one.

Russian manufacturers of e-bicycles (and there are only a few of them) are also moving forward, and in the fall of 2019, Electronbikes released its version of a light MTB e-bike on a carbon frame.


This summer, an employee of the company made a colorful

The company is constantly mastering new production technologies and conducting its own developments. Among them —

In September Electronbikes presented at the annual exhibition

For the convenience of perceiving information, and indeed comparison in general, I decided to summarize the main characteristics of the electric bicycles we are considering in a table.

Of course, it is not entirely correct to compare a bicycle with a central motor and a bicycle with a motor-wheel, because in the first case the cyclist can control the gear ratio by shifting the gears of the rear derailleur, and in the second this value is fixed, so that the load on the motor in steep climbs will be higher.

However, Electronbikes have provided motor protection against overheating by installing in the controller

For a person who understands bike parts and brands, it is easy to notice that the mechanical equipment of Lapierre is one level (or even several levels) higher than the equipment installed on the Electronbikes bicycle.

In this regard, it does not make much sense to compare the components point by point. But it is worth paying attention to the significant difference in the price of the considered electric bicycles — 2.5 times.

The question may arise — why then compare bikes of different tiers at all? But the fact is, there are key characteristics that unite them: these are two-suspension MTBs, they are both carbon fiber and weigh up to 20 kg, while most e-bikes weigh 22 kg or more.

If you look at the characteristics of electrical equipment, even a non-specialist can easily notice that the system from Electronbikes is more than three times more powerful than the Lapierre system.

The 800 W motor (1500 W peak) shows itself quite briskly even when starting from a standstill — including through the use of a two-stage gearbox.

The Lapierre bike uses a system

Both bikes are equipped with

The use of a torque sensor increases the efficiency of battery power consumption, in contrast to the PAS sensor, which detects the very fact of pedaling, and allows the cyclist to practically not exert his own efforts to move.

Unlike the Lapierre e-bike, the Electronbikes have

On the one hand, when there is no throttle handle, you are forced to pedal, which means that you invest your energy in the energy of movement, while the battery will be consumed more economically and the mileage will increase.

On the other hand, if you have not calculated your strength and found yourself exhausted, and the battery charge is enough, you can allow yourself to relax and enjoy the oncoming stream of fresh air.

In addition, the throttle handle can play a good service if you suddenly get injured away from civilization or in the forest and cannot pedal.

Thanks to the special shape of the Lapierre frame, designed to integrate with the battery, the latter is almost invisible, and an untrained person will not immediately guess that this model is electric.

The Fazua eBike system on the Lapierre bike is designed so that the motor and battery are in one unit. That is, to remove the battery, you must first remove the motor-battery unit (see the «Engine» section) and then remove the battery from it.

The battery weighs 1.38 kg and has a built-in power button and an LED indicator for the charge level.

On Electronbikes, the battery is not integrated into the frame, but is housed inside it, which actually has no effect on performance other than air resistance.

Both bikes have quick-release batteries, meaning they can be removed and installed in a matter of seconds. But don’t worry about safety — the batteries are locked with a padlock.

The Electronbikes battery weighs 3.2 kg, but is more than 2x the capacity of the Lapierre battery (576 Wh versus 252 Wh) and is a must for a more powerful motor.

A more powerful motor draws more current, so the controller on an Electronbikes bike is rated for 16A versus 7A for a competitor.

In a Lapierre central motor, the controller is built into the motor housing, while on an Electronbikes the controller is located outside, which improves its heat dissipation.

As I already mentioned, the Electronbikes controller has a built-in thermal protection that protects the motor from overheating. In addition, the company is preparing for serial production of its own controller, which significantly surpasses the Chinese versions in terms of power and compactness — they report this in

Virtually all of the wiring on a Lapierre bike is hidden in the inner frame cavities, with the exception of the wires on the handlebars. This makes the appearance of an e-bike more minimal and less distinguishable from a regular bike.

On Electronbikes, the wiring is partially hidden inside the downtube and partially visible from the controller to the motor and battery. At the same time, it is implemented using sealed connectors, and its openness does not affect the performance in any way.

The Lapierre bike has an LED display, and this is how the manufacturer describes it:

«Simple and intuitive remote control for maximum control, with LED indicator for battery charge and system status. It is minimalistic and functional, so its use is limited to the most important functions. Three buttons allow you to turn the remote on and off, as well as toggle between three support levels. . «

However, standard trip parameters such as mileage or speed can be monitored on your smartphone by connecting it via Bluetooth and installing the Fazua eBike system application. The main thing is not to be distracted by your smartphone while driving in order to avoid falls.

Electronbikes has a liquid crystal display — model LCD5, which allows, in addition to displaying standard ride parameters, to configure many system parameters, such as maximum speed limitation, controller current limitation, etc.

Since the motor on a Lapierre bike is housed in a battery-motor unit, it can be easily removed and replaced if necessary.

The weight of the battery-motor unit without the battery is about 2 kg, with the battery — 3.3 kg.

The transmission of torque from the engine is carried out using an angular gearbox with built-in torque and cadence sensors.

The Electronbikes e-bike is equipped with a wheel motor with a two-stage gearbox and a peak power of 1500 watts. Due to the use of two reduction stages, the motor has a good starting torque.

The motor weighs 2.8 kg, which is almost 1.5 times more than the weight of a competitor’s motor, and at the same time is much lighter than the weight of direct drive motors, which are very common in the Russian market. The weight of the latter reaches 10 kg or more.

Let’s summarize. Bike

If you use an electric motor, the battery energy will become an excellent helper on steep and long climbs, will expand the geography of trips and get more emotions from the riding process.


The presence of the throttle handle makes it possible to ride it like on an electric motorcycle, without turning the pedals, and continue driving even if the chain is broken.

If the battery is removed from the e-bike, its weight will be reduced to 16 kg, which will also allow it to be used as a regular bike if necessary, except with a weighted rear wheel.

Progress does not stand still, and technologies are constantly being improved. And I want to believe that one day such light electric bicycles will become available to Russians with an average income, as happened with the smartphone market.

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