The MoonBikes electric snowmobile weighs only 75 kg and fits in the trunk


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Electric drive is gradually replacing noisy gasoline engines — this is noticeable both in the number of electric vehicles produced in the world and in the sharp increase in demand for electric bicycles.

Snowmobiles also do not stand aside — last winter we wrote about

The MoonBikes snowmobile is a modular design — a frame with a seat and a case, a track module, a bicycle suspension fork with a ski mounted on it and a handlebar with controls.

The 3 kW engine is installed at the rear of the tracked module and allows an acceleration of up to 45 km / h.

The case, located directly under the seat, can accommodate two removable batteries with a capacity of 2 kWh. The power reserve on one battery, according to the manufacturer, is from 18 to 35 km, on two, respectively, from 36 to 70 km.

And of course, this range is highly dependent on the selected riding mode, terrain and snow density.

Of course, MoonBikes snowmobiles are significantly inferior to their gasoline counterparts in terms of maximum speed and range, and are more suitable for entertainment than for long trips.

However, they have one undeniable advantage — light weight. While the petrol models weigh around 200 kg, and more often even more, the MoonBikes snowmobile weighs only 75 kg.

In addition, it is more compact and can fit in the trunk of a car, although not everyone.

MoonBike snowmobile pre-orders are due to start at the end of January, when detailed product specifications will become available.

In the meantime, we suggest watching a couple of videos that can give a more complete picture of the subject of the article.

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