The lightest electric bicycles assembled in Russia


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Today we will consider two of the lightest electric bicycles, assembled in Russia, and having no competitors on the Russian market.

But before proceeding directly to the review, let’s define why and who needs light e-bikes at all:

The first to consider a bike on a titanium frame from

The RLE Bike company itself is, in fact, the bicycle division of the atelier.

The RLE Bike website states that their bikes do not differ in appearance from regular bikes, but when you look at the bike, the offset position of the seat tube is immediately noticeable.

This decision was made by the developers in order to use the inner space of the frame triangle pipes to accommodate batteries of the maximum possible capacity.

The frame is made of titanium (aerospace alloy OT-4), the manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty on it, and a 2-year warranty on the bike itself, including the battery.

The bike is equipped with a fairly high level of equipment (Shimano XT), the total weight of the bike is only 13.9 kg.

There is an engine in the rear wheel

The capacity of a 36-volt 9.6 Ah battery is enough to drive it from 50 to 80 km. It is built into the frame and charges with the 3-amp charger in just over 3 hours.

Due to the fact that this bike is focused mainly on the European market, the maximum speed for which it is designed (to which the motor helps to accelerate) is only 25 km / h. But you can certainly agree with the manufacturer to remove such a restriction.

The price of the bike is also «European» — as much as 375 thousand rubles.

Another e-bike builder is the company

This bike is built on a carbon frame, just like the RLE Urban XT has a rigid fork and is equipped with Shimano equipment one level lower than the RLE — Shimano SLX.

Here, the obvious signs of an electric bike are already striking — most notably the battery mounted on the seat tube.

It has a nominal voltage of 48 V and a capacity of 8.7 Ah, but, unlike its competitor, it is quick-detachable. The battery weighs only 2.2 kg, and in principle, the same spare battery can be kept in a backpack and quickly replaced when the first one is discharged.

The bike comes with a 2A charger, which will allow you to fully charge the battery in a little over 4 hours.

The rear wheel houses a 2-stage Aikema gear motor with a peak power of 860 watts.

In order to prevent the engine axle from turning in dropouts at such power, Electronbikes have developed a special torcarm (

The maximum speed to which the motor will help accelerate is 40 km / h, which is 15 km / h more than the competitor. In this case, the declared mileage will be from 60 to 100 km.

Now the Electronbikes Carbon 1 electric bike is sold at a price of 150 thousand rubles, which sounds much more tempting than the price of the RLE Urban XT at 375 thousand, with exactly the same weight of 13.9 kg.

For convenience, I have collected characteristics for you in one table:

If we compare bicycles in terms of range, Electronbikes has a larger range, and this is quite logical, given the superiority in battery capacity and more rolling tires — slicks.

By the way, Ivan Studennikov in the summer of 2019

Of course, prices of 150 and even more so 375 thousand rubles for most Russians are extremely high, and only well-to-do citizens can afford such a purchase.

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