The girl built a wooden electric bike that accelerates to 45 km / h


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Contemporary woodcutter Ivy Bee, passionate about sustainable design, has created the Electraply electric bike, which is made almost entirely of plywood.

Evie was inspired by the desire to have her own electric bike to implement this large-scale project, and she drew inspiration for the design from the aesthetics of cafe-racers and scrambler motorcycles (road bikes adapted for driving on dirt roads).

Starting with an overview of existing wooden bicycles and examining their design in detail, Evie looked at various frame materials such as solid oak, ash and walnut, MDF and plywood. A three-dimensional model of the future product was developed in the Rhino 3D program.

To create the first sketch model, Evie printed the frame elements on paper and transferred them to cardboard, and then cut them out with a jigsaw.

Then she glued all the cardboard elements and installed the fork, steering wheel and wheels on the frame — now it became clear how the finished electric bike would look (second photo), but the main work was still ahead.

The frame details were milled on a CNC machine, including the steering elements made of solid ash and walnut. It took Evie 4 days to grind the received parts, she writes about this in her blog.

Stainless steel and waterjet cutting have been used to make metal elements such as dropouts. When all the details were prepared, Evie glued them together and pulled them together with threaded rods (third photo).

Bicycle components and electrical equipment were installed on the resulting frame: the front 26-inch wheel motor allows the electric bike to reach a speed of 45 km / h, and a 36-volt Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 12.5 Ah provides a cruising range of 35 km.

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