The girl built a bike trailer with her own hands.


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Today we will tell you about a light and roomy bike trailer of a simple design, built by Laura Kampf, the author of an interesting YouTube channel.

To ride bicycles to a picnic with the whole family, you have to bring quite a lot of things with you, and the trailer perfectly solves the problem of transporting them.

As donors for the project, two old cars are used, from which all unnecessary is cut off. The resulting buckets are stacked together, forming a new, closed and capacious body.

To fasten the halves together, and so that the body can be opened, Laura uses three hinges, which she cuts under the rim and tightens them with screws.

Then metal plates are used, to which the wheel axle mounting brackets are welded, and the wheels themselves are installed.

For maximum rigidity, the plates are fastened to each other using crossbars, and already a pull from a square tube is welded to them.

To ensure ventilation of the contents of the future trailer, slots are made in the body for the installation of ventilation plates. After that, the body is sanded, primed and painted.

The author decided to expand the trailer’s capabilities by providing additional space for attaching things. To do this, Laura screwed on top of an aluminum plate and 4 rings, for which you can hook rubber bands or tie ropes.

A spare wheel and reflectors are attached to the rear of the trailer, which give it a finished look.


The trailer does not close in any way, and may open on a bump, losing some of its contents. It would be nice to add a lock.

The halves of the body can play relative to each other, and for sure this will be accompanied by a rather loud sound. It was worthwhile to provide some kind of gasket between them.

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