Skeleton — 3D printed e-bike


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The Skeleton may be the perfect e-bike for the office worker — it has a dedicated briefcase space and even a cup holder, but that’s just the beginning.

Designed by Taiwanese industrial designer Gary Liao, the bike is inspired by the human skeleton system. The frame is somewhat reminiscent of the porous structure of bones, and its pipes are hollow inside, which makes the frame quite light.

The prototype components are 3D printed, and then some are reinforced with metal tubes for greater rigidity.

The electric bike is equipped with a central motor, and the battery is located behind the seat tube.

Unfortunately, there is still no data on battery capacity, power, range and top speed, but according to the designer’s plan to keep the weight low, it is planned to use carbon rims and a belt drive (although the prototype has a classic chainring).

Either way, the Skeleton looks pretty unusual and stands out from most e-bikes. But is there a future for this development? Let me know in the comments.

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