Self-balancing electric bike that accelerates to 48 km / h.


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A rather funny electric bike for $ 1,850 has appeared on the Chinese marketplace Alibaba — it has only one 22-inch wheel, but the power is enough for dynamic acceleration.

In fact, this is a kind of unicycle, on which a welded frame, seat, steering wheel, and even an imitation of a gas tank were installed for convenience. The whole structure weighs 40 kg, but thanks to the 2000 W motor it is capable of speeds up to 48 km / h, so the driver will definitely need a helmet.

By the way, if you look after him, it may seem that an ordinary motorcycle is driving.

The electric bike is equipped with a 60 V battery, assembled from Panasonic NCR 18650 PF cells, and when ordering, you are offered to choose one of three capacities: 680 Wh, 1020 Wh and 1360 Wh.

The largest battery in terms of capacity, according to the manufacturer, should provide a cruising range of up to 80 km, but it will obviously not have to go at maximum speed.

If we compare the control of this motorcycle with the control of a monowheel, then for acceleration it is necessary to lean forward, and for braking, respectively, backward.

But in this case, the question arises — why is the brake lever located on the left side of the steering wheel?

The GIF animation shows that it seems that this bike is not so difficult to handle.

Do you think there is a future for such a mono-motorcycle?

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