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Despite the fact that the market is overflowing with Chinese products, and ordering inexpensive components for an electric bike on Aliexpress is as easy as shelling pears, there are people who are interested in the development of domestic production and are making considerable efforts for this.

Russian developer

The direction of electric transport is now in a phase of active development, and hybrid and electric vehicles are replacing gasoline cars. There is a similar trend among two-wheelers, especially in 2020 amid the pandemic and the associated social distancing.

This is confirmed by the graph of Google searches over the past 5 years — it shows that even at the end of the 2020 cycle season, there are about the same number of requests for «ebike» (electric bike) around the world as there were in 2018 at the peak of the season.

In addition, despite the active development, components for e-bicycles on the market are still sufficient


Speaking about torc-sensors for electric bicycles, it is worth noting that the options on the market have certain disadvantages regarding both low moisture resistance and instability of the signal sent to the controller.

In this regard, Electron Bikes is developing its own torque sensor, which would meet all the necessary requirements.

Of course, European brands like Specialized make quality e-bikes with center (bottom bracket) motors that

With vast experience in the field of electronics for ship models, aircraft racing models and UAVs, Markus Speed Controllers and Electron Bikes have joined forces to create a controller that meets modern requirements for compactness, performance and reliability.

The first version turned out to be so compact that it boggled the imagination. The Chinese 45A controller and the 50A Markus EVO are comparable in power, but at times differ in size.

For the first test, the necessary wires were soldered to the controller board, after which it was placed in a polycarbonate case and fixed on an aluminum radiator to remove heat. The radiator is fixed to the bike seat tube.

Having tried several options for mounts and cases, it was decided to use an aluminum case, and to ensure maximum heat transfer and moisture protection, completely fill it with a heat-conducting compound.

While Electron Bikes performed all kinds of real-world tests on the controller, Markus Speed Controllers

To connect the controller to a computer, a special cable is used, which, on the one hand, has a connector for connecting to the controller, and on the other, a USB port for connecting to a PC.

The current version of the software allows you to configure the controller to work with a battery of arbitrary configuration, set the limitation of the maximum battery and phase currents, set up protection against overheating of the motor and the controller itself.

In addition, detailed settings are provided for the pedaling sensor (PAS) and the torque sensor (Torque), including sensor sensitivity.

At the time of this writing, the Markus EVO series of controllers includes four versions that have the same dimensions (40x20x85 mm) and weight (160 grams), but differ in other parameters.

The compact size allows aesthetically pleasing installation of the controller on almost any e-bike or e-scooter.

The first two digits in the model name indicate its operating voltage, the last two — the maximum battery current. For example version

Moreover, in this case, the power of 1000 W is long-term, with an external installation with a minimum airflow, since the controller’s efficiency is high, and it practically does not heat up.

Depending on the power, the cross-section of the power wires differs: the higher the power, the larger the cross-section. The power wires are high temperature silicone insulated.

Thanks to a competent design, high-quality components and filling with a heat-conducting compound that provides IP67 protection, the Markus EVO series controllers are significantly superior in reliability to their Chinese counterparts and not only.

This is confirmed by the fact that Electron Bikes completely switched to Markus controllers, abandoning products from other manufacturers, which are less reliable, but more heavy and cumbersome.

Markus EVO controllers already work successfully on several bikes that have been featured on the channel, such as the fat bike.


A connector is provided for low-current signals, and the kit includes detailed instructions on which contact is responsible for what. In this case, all responsibility for the correct wiring of the connector wires rests with the buyer.

Markus EVO controllers of the boxed version can be purchased from Electron Bikes — they are on the website at

In addition, it is possible to order from them a pre-wired controller with sealed connectors and clamps for mounting on a seat tube of the required diameter.

This option will save time and simplify the process of assembling an e-bike with your own hands.

Despite the fact that the controller is already in serial production, Marcus Speed Controllers continue to improve the software, giving the customer the opportunity to update the software and get new functions.

And I am really pleased to be to some extent involved in this process, describing such Russian developments in articles. Hope it was interesting.

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