Russian electric fatbike?


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Today, the article will face the face to face two relatively inexpensive electric fatbike from Russian brands. It will be bicycles with rear-wheel drive, wheels of 26 inches at a price in the area of 110 thousand rubles.

The review will be models of two companies: «

Now on the site of the manufacturer’s bike is sold at a discount, at a price of 110 350 rubles, the price before discount is indicated 117 390 rubles.

Due to the fact that the battery is built into the lower pipe frame, and part of the wiring also passes inside the frame, at first glance, this electric bike can be confused with a regular bike.

Since we started talking about

It is a bit strange that in the description of the bicycle on the site it is indicated that the wings are not included in the kit, and the lantern on the main photo is missing, however, in detailed photos below and the wings and the lantern are there.

Apparently, the store decided to indicate the possibility of installing this additional equipment itself.

Bicycle installed

But let’s return to the review. The heart of the motor-wheel is

In addition, this photo shows that the rear is installed on the bike.

On the steering wheel installed

To improve the softness of the stroke, the bike manufacturer has provided a shock-covered spring-oil

If you have been at Moscow exhibitions

Perhaps I am mistaken, and bicycles are produced in Russia, but then why not specify open at what kind of factory, feeling a bit of pride in the domestic manufacturer?

So, for example, made a manufacturer of lying bicycles


Motherland Brand

Speaking about the mechanical part of the bike, immediately notice that

In fact, on most fatbiles there are hard forks — because the role of shock absorbers successfully take on soft high tires.

This model is equipped



The platform on which is established

The rated battery voltage is 48 in, as well as a competitor, but a capacity of 1.5 times more —

The advantage of the external battery installation (not integrated into the frame) is definitely the possibility of its replacement (over time) to a more capacious battery, and, as a result, an increase in the run on one charge.

By cycling installed


The engine cable comes out of the axis from the inside of the pen. If the electric bike has a wire from the axis of the engine outside, like a competitor, it is possible to kill it when falling on the side, which will require its complete replacement with disassembling of the motor.

The total weight of the bicycle is 25 kg (with a battery removed — 20 kg), which is less than that of a competitor’s bike.

Both bikes have the maximum speed

If you use an assistant mode (when you twist the pedals, and the bike helps), then the mileage will increase to

For clarity and convenience of comparison, I have reduced information to a common table.

In conclusion, I would like to note that electric fatbike is a pretty funny thing that delivers bright emotions and, of course, adrenaline. And I wish everyone to find an opportunity to ride it — you definitely do not regret!


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