Robot food delivery — how soon?


While on the streets of our country we meet numerous employees of food delivery services such as Yandex.Food and Delivery Club, the Refraction company from the USA (Michigan) launched a food delivery service using the REV-1 robot.

After placing an order, the client receives a confirmation with a unique code, and can monitor the status of delivery. When the REV-1 arrives at its destination, the customer is notified accordingly.

After that, the client needs to go to the side of the road, enter a unique code and pick up the order. The delivery area is still limited to a small radius — only

The pilot program has only been launched in one small city, but if good results are achieved, the company plans to launch similar services in other cities.

The size of an electric bike, the REV-1 delivery robot is light, agile, and fast enough to navigate the bike path and road. It has three wheels, 1.5 meters high, almost the same length and about 80 cm wide.

The robot weighs about

If you look at this development from the point of view of our Russian reality, then it is still difficult to imagine this miracle on the streets of the city in winter — unless it is Moscow.

Moreover, many questions arise:

  • how will he go through the snowdrifts?
  • if all orders are in one section, and not in separate ones, will the client take someone else’s, more delicious order?
  • how reliable is the lock against burglary?
  • will not such a robot be kidnapped entirely by immersing it in some Gazelle?
  • what if the three-wheeled vehicle falls on its side?

However, Refraction has tested it in snow conditions — see for yourself.

Although it is worth admitting that in the video the robot is driving downhill, and in fact, there is not so much snow. So its real passability and stability in a snowy winter is extremely doubtful.

What do you think of this three-wheeled delivery robot?

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