Revolutionary new look of the central motor — with built-in automatic transmission


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Until now, the combination of the central motor,

But this led to a heavier wheel itself and a displacement of the center of mass back, which would certainly affect performance and handling.

We have already written about e-bikes with central motors from various manufacturers, such as

But the classic chain-shifting system has a number of

New solution from a Parisian manufacturer

The development was named

The Valeo carriage motor, together with the controller and a 7-speed automatic transmission, are combined into one unit and are powered by a 48V battery.

Built-in speed sensors (PAS sensor) and torque sensors (Torque sensor) monitor force and cadence, after which this information is used by the controller to determine when to shift.

The engine is capable of developing a torque of up to 130 Nm, and can be installed on both mountain and cargo e-bikes, which are gaining popularity in Europe.

Valeo comes with a steering wheel-mounted control panel. The cyclist only needs to set the speed limit on it, and the gearbox will automatically adjust to ensure a constant cadence.

Of the features, we can also note the built-in anti-theft system, which allows the owner to block the gearbox, but it does not exclude the possibility of taking the bike away in a van, so you should not rely on it too much.

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