Rayvolt X One — Electric bicycle with face recognition!


As far as we know, even cameras have the feature of individual recognition, but they still do not identify the owner, but apparently everything goes to this.

Sberbank, as you know collects biometric customer data for which Identification will soon occur.

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Total 3 versions are offered.

Intermediate version —


The battery is built into the frame and is quick-in, so it can be easily removed to recharge it.

Rayvolt x One is controlled by an Android device that has a built-in camera and placed in a special place.

The bike comes with software recognition software that allows you to unlock the bike and identify the owner to load the parameters selected by the user earlier.

You have the ability to control various parameters, such as the level of help in pedaling (up to 5 modes), speed, battery level and even GPS, and customize the parameters can be

The bike also has a built-in illumination sensor that automatically turns on LED lights, if necessary. In addition, there is a gyroscopic sensor, which determines the slope of the track (descent or rise) and controls torque and recuperative braking, which increases the efficiency of movement.

Running bicycle B.

Like a person working with electric bikes, I had certain

What do you think about these «smart electric bikes»?

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