Mody — e-bike trailer and bikepacking alternative


Hello friends!

Who dreamed of a RV that you can hook to your car and leave your hometown to travel around the world? I am one of those dreamers.

However, if you have an e-bike, you can attach the Mody Mini Trailer to it and embark on the journey you’ve long dreamed of.

This will save time for setting up / removing the tent, and all things while staying at the campsite will be reliably protected.

ModyPlast is a German manufacturer of tuning equipment and parts for racing cars, which, due to a drop in orders during a pandemic, decided to reorient part of its production capacity.

Paying attention to the growing demand for e-bikes, the company started working in this direction and developed three types of bicycle trailers.


The first two options are made of fiberglass, the last one is made of carbon fiber, and their weight is in the range of 40-45 kg. At the same time, the trailer is capable of transporting 50 kg of cargo, and in the parking lot it can be loaded up to 190 kg.

The cabin measures 208 x 86 x 102 cm and includes a full berth. There is an air vent and a window on the roof, and headlights at the back to be clearly visible in the dark.

On request, the trailer can be additionally equipped with a collapsible kitchen, an additional window and a solar panel that is installed on the roof.

And now to the question of cost. Of course, for an ordinary Russian it is cosmic, and you will probably say that for this money you can buy an almost new car, but I will voice it all the same.

For the Touring and Trekking models, the manufacturer asks for 5,000 euros, and for the carbon outdoor — as much as 7,000 euros. In any case, I am waiting for your opinion in the comments — would you like such a trailer?

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