Markus EVO — Russian-made controllers with power up to 2500 W for electric bicycles and electric scooters


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The controllers, regardless of their capacity, are the same size and are shipped in a cardboard box. At the end of the box there is a sticker with the model name and description of the characteristics.


When opening the box, we see the upper part of the protective layer made of dense foam rubber, with a cutout for the finger so that it can be easily removed.

Removing the foam rubber — before us is the EVO5020 controller, which exactly fits the size of the package. The signal wires are visible on the left, and the connection instructions are on the back.

The controller is housed in an anodized aluminum housing and is completely encapsulated with a heat-conducting compound that provides moisture protection.

The power wires are black silicone high temperature insulation. The color coding of the wires was not required, since the controller is able to select phases in automatic mode.

All EVO series controllers are incredibly compact and lightweight — in size

The purpose of the power wires is indicated in the instructions — these are three phase wires to the engine and two wires to the battery.

The 5020, 5035 and 5050 controllers are capable of operating at both nominal voltages of the standard range (12V, 24V, 36V, 48V) and intermediate values.

The controller is compatible with LCD3 displays and the like, but can work without a display. It supports both PAS (pedaling sensor) and Torque (pedal force) sensors.

On the reverse side of the manual there is a wiring diagram for the signal wires.

The necessary parameters of the controller, such as nominal voltage, maximum battery and phase current, can be specified when ordering, and they will be «stitched» into the controller.

If you want to be able to update the firmware, as well as configure the parameters yourself, you will need an adapter

The manufacturer provides the controllers with a 1 year warranty from the date of sale. If something happens to the controller, it will be repaired or replaced with a new one free of charge. To do this, just download from

Recall that the controllers were developed with the active participation of the Electron Bikes company, which currently installs them on its electric bicycles, completely abandoning the Chinese ones.

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