Making your own hands from a tree bowl on three legs on the lathe


Some time ago, I had an idea in my head to make a bowl on three legs on a lathe.

This cool idea was taken from some of the masters of turning art, and I really wanted to realize it with my own hands. Fortunately, my little carpentry workshop allowed it to do.

The idea was that the legs were very whole with the bowl, that is, made from the same piece of wood.

As a workpiece, I took an oak with a thickness of 50 mm and sizes 125×125 mm.

In order for the lathe to make it easier to make the workpiece round, I calculated the center, drew a circle and cut the corners on the circular saw.

After that, screwed four scaipe samors.

I installed a blank with a tablet on a lathe and started choosing the inner surface of the future bowl.

In order to accidentally donate the cup through, and not to make the bottom too thick, it is necessary to constantly control the depth of the sample. I do it with the help of the caliper.

For grinding, I use the nozzle on a drill on which there is a «velcro» for gluing sandpaper. As it work, gradually change the sandpaper with a large one.

After the inner surface of the bowl is ready, go to the outer surface.

After working, the cutter move to grinding. This time, after the nozzle on the drill, the shlifuyum manually and bring the abnormality of the sandpaper to 1200 Grit (inch grain).

After such grinding, the surface becomes like polished, and the texture of oak is distinguished.

We remove the workpiece from the table, we set the cartridge on the machine with special clamping sponges and secure the workpiece by the other side.

Now you can do the bottom.

Pull the central part, leaving the ring to then make the legs from it. The sample depth also control the caliper.

I use divisory labels on the cartridge, there are future legs in such a way that the angles between them relative to the center are the same.

After marking, I remove the workpiece from the cartridge and take the Proxxon Bormshina. Removing excess material, forming legs.

After bringing the shape of the legs with sandpaper and gradually raise the graininess up to 1200 Grit.

Next comes the most pleasant stage of production — coating oil for wood. I already talked to

As a result, the whole beauty of the texture of the tree is manifested, and I enjoy the process!

As a result, it turned out a very original product, my wife was delighted!

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