Making a jewelry box on a lathe



What is original and made by the hands of a master to give a loved one as a sign of love and gratitude?

Why not a jewelry box?

So, we take the blank. The wood is beech. Thickness 50 mm.

We fasten the faceplate to secure the workpiece to the lathe.

We begin to process the outer part of the box.


For the subsequent fixing of the workpiece in the lathe chuck, it is necessary to make a recess.

First, we mark it with a caliper.

Then we grind the notch, it should expand slightly inward in order to securely hold on to the lathe chuck in the future.

We sand the outside of the box, starting with coarse sandpaper and finishing with fine, 1200 grit grit (grains per square inch).

We remove the faceplate with the workpiece and screw on the lathe chuck.

We unscrew the faceplate from the workpiece and attach it to the cartridge with the reverse side.

We grind the inside of the box, periodically control the depth with a caliper.

We grind the inside and at the same time go through the outside again.

The main part is ready. We admire the beauty. 🙂

Now you need to make a cover. For this we will use beech 20 mm thick. We do the markup.

We cut it off on a homemade circular saw.

By analogy with the main part of the box, we fasten the faceplate to the workpiece.

First, we grind the lower part of the lid, that is, the one that will look inside the box. We make a side along the edge so that the lid does not slide off the box.

In the center, we make a deepening for subsequent installation on a lathe chuck.

Then we put the cartridge in and grind out the upper part of the lid. I decided to make it just smoothly rounded. We grind.

Here’s what happened. But that is not all. The most pleasant process is ahead!

Cover with oil. I already wrote about this process in the last

The texture and color of the wood appears. According to the instructions, we cover in two layers, with an interval of a day.

And don’t forget about the lid!

Well, you can fully watch the process in the video, which is located just below. Happy viewing!

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Lathe: Jet JWL-1220.

Chuck: 4-jaw set CK-3.75Z / S1 for woodworking machines JET 59500061

Turning tools: from a set of turning tools (6 pcs; HSS) JET 19500118.

Thank you for your time.