Lightweight electric bike assembled in Russia with a power reserve of up to 80 km or more


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Today there will be a brief overview of the bike-based e-bike

The electric bike is assembled in the company

Li-ion battery for voltage

The side panels as well as the battery handle are made of monolithic polycarbonate, which is by far the most durable plastic available. The battery is quick-detachable and can be locked with a key.

If we remove the battery, we will see an anodized aluminum platform, fixed to the frame with clamps made of the same polycarbonate, and additionally with bottle screws.

One of the clamps from the bottom also holds the motor controller, designed for a maximum current of 18 A. There is room for the bottle holder behind the battery.

The rear wheel is equipped with a light engine with a power

To protect the gears of the engine reducer from overheating (and their subsequent failure), a

In addition, a special protection is installed at the point where the cable exits from the motor axis, which prevents damage when the bicycle falls on the left side.

Unlike most Chinese kits, on this bike the motor connection is located on the stylus, which allows you to quickly disconnect it if necessary and remove the motor-wheel for maintenance, for example, in the event of a puncture in the camera.

To implement the assistant mode (pedaling assistance), a PAS sensor is installed in the carriage assembly: a Hall sensor under the carriage and a ring with magnets on the chainring.

When using the assistant mode, the controller sends power to the motor proportional to the selected value on the display (from 1 to 5). With a value of «1», the power is about

Thanks to this, the bicycle remains a bicycle — you can also pedal, giving the body a useful normalized physical activity, and if necessary, press the throttle and enter the hill without overloading the body with a prolonged climb.

The trigger-type throttle grip is located on the right side of the steering wheel.

And on the left side of the steering wheel there is a display, on which, just, the degree of assistance in the assistant mode is selected, and all the necessary travel parameters are displayed, such as distance, speed, travel time and others. It also shows the battery voltage.

The total weight of the e-bike including the battery was

And in this case, this is especially important, since the owner of the bike is a girl, and it will be easier for her to handle it.

The power reserve on the throttle is

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