Light electric fatbike Russian assembly


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Today I will tell about the electrophabike from the workshop

The frame is made of aluminum alloy brand 6061 using a triple batting technology (butting — a constructive tricks, which allows to reduce the weight of the structure (in particular, from pipes), without losing strength).

Rigid plug (tough, without shock absorbers). Why in most cases on fatbikes used rigid forks? First, because the depreciation is carried out at the expense of the wheel itself, since the volume of the air inside the Fatbike chamber is much greater than that of a regular bike. And secondly, such a plug weighs less.

Transmission 11-speed SRAM NX, Avid brake system. The weight of the bicycle to electrification and installation of the wings was

In the process of electrifying the bike, a modified equipment kit was installed on it.

A quick-release lithium-ion battery, consisting of 65 elements, is located at the bottom of the triangle of the frame, as short as possible down the center of gravity of the bicycle.

The body of the battery is made of monolithic polycarbonate and composite materials providing its impact resistance and moisture protection. Battery capacity 14.5 Ah, Rated voltage 48 V.

Thanks to the use of high-strength cells, from which the battery is collected, their low internal resistance, the electric bike can be operated both in winter and in the summer.

In the case of winter operation, at large negative temperatures, it is not recommended to leave the battery on the cold for a long time (for example, at night in a non-fired metallic garage). In this case, it can be removed and put into the room. Battery weight leaves 4 kg.

The battery is mounted on a platform from anodized aluminum, reliably fixed on the frame due to clamps made on the form of the bottom pipe profile. Additionally, the platform is fastened with screws to the threaded holes of the bottle mounting.

The controller is fastened on the seat under the battery, also with polycarbonate clamps.

When driving on the gas handle (without using pedals), the electric bike is able to develop a speed of 50 km / h, while the stroke reserve is 40 km. If you drive in an assistant mode, when the engine helps a biker, you can drive 80 km and more.

Of course, these distances are indicated taking into account the ride on the normal road surface. If there is snow, the mileage will be less.

The bike is steadily worth a comfortable footboard. To protect against water and dirt from under the wheels, wings are installed.

The bike was quite light for electric fatbike — total weight is only 21.5 kg.


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