Is an electric scooter with a gasoline generator even legal?


Hello friends!

In China’s Changning County, police recently detained a man who works as a food delivery man for crossing a stop line at a traffic light.

As soon as the policeman approached the intruder, he was surprised to find a connected gasoline power generator on the electric scooter.

A driver named Liu admitted that he purchased a generator from an online store and connected it to the battery of his electric scooter to increase power and range. In addition, he said there was a 2-liter fuel tank under the seat to power the generator.

Admittedly, he fixed the generator quite reliably — chaining it to the electric scooter frame with chains and locks, but I suppose it’s not so convenient to ride with the generator between your legs.

According to police, the man was detained for five days for smuggling a dangerous substance, referring to fuel for a generator. In addition, he was ordered to return the electric scooter to its original state.

Has anyone else tried to implement such a combination of a generator and an e-scooter (e-bike)? Write in the comments.

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