How to safely move around the city during and after the epidemic?


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The introduced self-isolation regime will sooner or later be canceled, but after that, is it worth it to boldly jump into public transport or a taxi to move to work or on business? Let’s figure it out.

To slow the development of the epidemic, it is necessary to ensure social distancing, that is, make as little direct contact with other people as possible, wear masks and use antiseptics.

In this sense,

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In a car-sharing car, you will have to, at least, take up the steering wheel, which was held by another person before you, and most likely not alone. An option here is to use an antiseptic to treat all surfaces that you have to come into contact with.

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We will not consider hoverboards and electric skateboards, since they have limited passability, and are used for commuting to work in exceptional cases (ideal bike path or sidewalk from home to work).


In addition, in big cities, these are problems with parking, the likelihood of getting into an accident (through no fault of their own) and traffic jams. Well, if you look at the side of ecology, these are exhaust gases.

If you give up the car in the summer, it is convenient to use a bicycle or scooter to move around the city. Both can be electrical to conserve your energy and time.

Motorcycles, mopeds and electric scooters


Electric scooter

Electric bike

If in the case of an electric scooter and a monowheel there are two main options (buy in one of the stores or order from AliExpress), then in the case of an electric bike there are more such options — even because many already have a bicycle that can be made electric.

The fastest and most affordable option is to buy at the nearest store that sells relevant goods. But when purchasing a ready-made electric bike, you need to understand that often a manufacturer chooses low-quality components to reduce costs, both bicycle and electric.

A heavy steel frame, poor shock absorbers, poor-quality mechanical brakes, a low-power but heavy engine — all this ultimately affects performance, an electric bike turns out to be heavy, stiff and slows down poorly.

Moreover, at the time of purchase, the client does not notice this — he presses the throttle and the bike accelerates, the feeling is created that it is light and powerful. This is especially true for those who did not have an e-bike before.

But, having bought it, and starting real operation, it becomes clear that the battery lasts 15 km instead of the declared 30, that pedaling with a dead battery is very difficult, and lifting a bicycle weighing more than 25 kg up the stairs is not an easy task.

If you already have a bicycle, and you decide to make it electric, you have two ways: to purchase a ready-made set of electrical equipment (on the same AliExpress) and install it on an electric bike yourself, or to give the bike for electrification to a specialized organization.

Choosing the first way, you need to be sure that you have the necessary skills in installation and work with electrical equipment, and I also recommend reading my articles about

In addition, a detailed article about

If you decide to give the bike for electrification, it is better to choose a company whose main activity is electrification, and which will give a guarantee for the finished product for at least a year (for a battery it is better than 2 years), for example

Some companies, in agreement with the client, purchase a bicycle on their own (for example, in the Trial-Sport chain of stores), then install the necessary equipment on it and send it to the client by a transport company. So do the same

This is a rather convenient service, since you can get an e-bike based on a quality factory-made bicycle that you have chosen yourself.

That’s all for today, be healthy and take care of yourself.

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